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PMP or CAPM and PMI-ACP exam preparation

The necessary training required by PMI.


A4PM® is competent and up-to-date on the specific training topics of Project Management, in particular aligned with the PMI International Standard.

The Project Management Institute (PMI – is internationally recognized as the most authoritative body in the field of project management; it was founded in 1969 in the United States with the aim of standardizing common practices in project management in the most diverse sectors; in 1983 it published the result of a first study for the development of procedures and concepts necessary to support the profession of project manager; certifies both the figure of the project manager (Project Management Professional - PMP) and other training programs in project management.

The PMP® Certification

Project Management Professional

The PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification is issued by the Project Management Institute through an exam based on knowledge relating to the PMBoK® methodological standard and on the experience of the Project Manager. This is a prestigious title whose value is attested by the strong demand from staffing organizations holding this credential. Furthermore, having certified professionals is increasingly a prerequisite for participation in particularly demanding tenders and projects.

The CAPM® certification

Certified Associate in Project Management

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) certification was introduced in January 2002 and has been constantly updated to keep it aligned with the PMP® certification. As of April 2019, those who hold the CAPM® certification can access the PMP® certification exam without necessarily having to attend a course. For a young graduate, therefore, it is a truly exclusive qualification.

The PMI-ACP® certification

LThe PMI-ACP® certification recognizes the professional to have the experience in using agile practices. Increasingly, agile methods are used in a wide variety of industries beyond software development, such as telecommunications, aerospace or construction.
This certification, recognized worldwide, allows to meet the needs of organizations that rely on Project Management professionals to apply the most widespread and used Agile methodologies to project management. By specifically validating the professional's ability to understand and apply Agile principles and practices, the PMI-ACP® Certification attests and confirms a higher level of professional credibility.

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