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Preparation for the ISIPM®-Base and ISIPM®-Av exam

The necessary training required by ISIPM®.


ISIPM-Base Certification and the ISIPM-Av Qualification

Since 2015 A4PM® has signed an act of understanding with ISIPM®, as it is interested in adopting and/or promoting the project management culture in Italy and in particular the ISIPM-Base Certification and the ISIPM-Av Qualification.

In this way, A4PM® with its ISIPM® Accredited Teachers is authorized by the latter to provide the preparatory courses for the ISIPM® exams; in this case ISIPM® has granted some specific advantages (for example exam at the course venue, reduced fee for taking the exam).

By signing this specific Agreement with ISIPM®, all courses are carried out with the scientific supervision of the Institute, and are held by accredited teachers and guarantee the necessary preparation to be able to take the ISIPM® Base and ISIPM®Av exams.

The ISIPM-Base® Certification

The ISIPM-Base® Certification was conceived by the Italian Institute of Project Management (subsequently only ISIPM) and describes the elements of knowledge deemed necessary for those who want to start a professional career as a Project Manager (new graduates, junior project managers and all those who operate in various capacities in a design context).

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ISIPM-Av® qualification

With the ISIPM-Av® qualification, the Italian Institute of Project Management® intends to offer, upon completion of the knowledge certified by the ISIPM-Base®, an advanced level of qualification which is aimed in particular at: those who wish to complete their preparation on the knowledge of Project Management with in-depth study of processes according to the guidelines provided by the UNI ISO 21502 and UNI 11648 standards, also on skills in the application of project management techniques, also using support software tools.

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